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Online Payment 

You may pay your bill through your Client Portal, emailed invoice, or the link below. I have partnered with Law Pay to provide my clients a secure and reliable method for online payments. 

A lawyer consultation is a crucial step for anyone seeking legal advice. It involves a one-on-one meeting between a client and a lawyer, where the lawyer will gather important information about the case and provide guidance on the best legal course of action. Whether the consultation is in-person or over the phone, it is an excellent opportunity to assess the merits of your case and determine your legal options. My consultations require a consultation fee.

My staff begins working for
you the moment you walk through the door or make the appointment. If a case has been filed, my paralegal and I will review all the documents on the docket and form a case plan for your best interest. The time, dedication and skill placed into consultation requires a consultation fee. Also, consultation fees deter your significant other from conflicting local attorneys from your case. 

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